10 New 48 Bar Jigs - Sheet Music for Ceilidh Bands

by Helen Bell

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    This download is for the sheet music for 10 newly composed 48 bar jigs. You will receive pdf sheet music scores (see below for details), and demo recordings.
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This download is for the sheet music scores for 10 newly composed 48 bar jigs.

I wrote these tunes because every ceilidh band I've ever played in has had a shortage of these three part jigs relative to the number of dances that used them. I'm hoping to eventually write more of these, and make them into a book when there are enough of them - but in the meantime, these 10 jigs make up part 1 of what I hope to be a larger project.

As ceilidh tunes are usually played together in sets of two or more, I've kept this in mind while writing them and they were composed in pairs with the intention of forming sets. The intended sets are:

The Spruce in September / Larchwork
The Relentless / Chartreusey
Lost in Prague II / Underground Mint Fence
It Doesn't Work Like That / Send More Tea
Hardened Snails / The Road to Argleton


* pdf scores of the melody for each tune, with chords, in treble clef
* pdf scores of the melody (treble clef) and a bassline (bass clef) for each tune, with chords
* demo recordings of each tune played all the way through - these are currently a work in progress and will be eventually turned into 'proper' studio recordings. Anyone who buys this 'preview' version will receive a voucher for the finished recordings once they're ready.

The tunes fit on instruments with the same range as a violin in first position - they're suitable for (obviously) violin, also mandolin, tenor banjo, accordion, concertina and more chromatically-inclined melodeons (e.g. some of it's in G minor).

The bass parts were written for bass guitar/double bass, but would probably work on cello too although maybe not quite as comfortably.

NEW: I now have a transposed version of this set of tunes available for viola, which you can get here: payhip.com/b/l8o5


Bandcamp is primarily a platform for selling recorded music, but allows the inclusion of "extras", so I sell my sheet music this way: the sheet music is an extra file (a pdf) that comes included in the package, and you also get the audio recordings.

How the Download Process Works

Once you've paid through the Bandcamp checkout, the download arrives immediately via a link in your email, which takes you to a webpage from which you download a .zip file containing recordings and digital sheet music.

You'll need to select the audio format, because the sheet music package also contains audio -- but you will automatically get your pdf files too, so you can pick whichever audio format you like and it won't affect your sheet music files.

You won't be able to view the sheet music files in your browser or within the Bandcamp app -- the zip file needs to be downloaded and opened in order to see and print them.

It's usually a straightforward process, but feel free to contact me if you run into any trouble!


released July 2, 2016

All music composed by Helen Bell.


all rights reserved


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